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Our Mission

It is our mission as the Paradise PDS Care Squad to help foster a friendly, safe, and caring environment not only within the walls of our school, but throughout our community by spreading kindness, happiness, and encouragement all around.

What We Do

Since our Care Squad began, we have handmade birthday and thank you cards and banners for folks from the Sterling Ridge Senior Living Community, for community partners who have helped with festivities here at our school, and for staff and faculty of our school. Additionally, we have organized fundraisers in order to help our Disney Musicals in Schools production and our Go, Move, Dance! team. We strive to come up with ways to show our friends that we truly care for them, like when we made friendship bracelets to tell them how much we appreciate them every day.

Teacher Leader

Mrs. Agustin

Student Leaders

N. Fuentes, 3rd grade

M. Hill, 3rd grade

S. Narvaez, 3rd grade

J. Chen, 3rd grade

S. Herrera, 3rd grade

J. Sevilla, 3rd grade

D. Huinac-Constanza, 4th grade

A. Galicia-Romero, 5th grade

A. Johnson-Lee, 5th grade

K. Degraffenreid, 5th grade

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