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School Organizational Team (SOT)

The purpose of the Paradise PDS School Organizational Team is to address school wide issues utilizing shared decision making.  The team is comprised of stakeholders within the Paradise PDS community--including teachers, support staff, parents, and school administration.  As an SOT team, we always make decisions through the lens of what is the best decision for our students to ensure both their learning and academic needs are being met.


  • Angelique Beanland, Parent Representative

  • Jarrod Friday, Support Staff Representative

  • Hope Greco-Gaham, Teacher Representative

  • Lia Jones, Parent Representative

  • Donna Seals, Teacher Representative

  • Annemarie Stover, Principal

  • Sonia Etelis, Assistant Principal

  • Ryan Guzman, Assistant Principal

  • TBD, Parent Representative


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view the SOT Agendas and Minutes for

Paradise PDS

What is the role of the School Organizational Team?
  • To provide input on the school performance plan and budget

  • ​To provide continued advice to the principal in carrying out the school plan

  • ​Assist with the selection of the next principal when there is a vacancy

What are the requirements of the School Organizational Team's members?

  • ​​Serve on the team through September 30 unless your child no longer attends the school

  • ​Attend meetings at least once per month outside of school hours

  • ​Make decisions with the whole school population in mind

  • ​Work collaboratively and attempt to reach consensus with the team

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